Knife Sharpening Tools and Methods

Knife Sharpening Tools And Methods

Garrison of the Bear Flag Trading Company has published an article on knife sharpening tools and methods. The article covers the basic tools, such as sharpening stones, leather strops (those things that look like leather belts…you can see one here), and sharpening steels. Garrison then gives us a few ways to sharpen a knife without these tools.

Next, we learn about the stages of sharpening a knife…rough and fine sharpening, straightening, and polishing.

Finally, after sharpening your knife, you’ll want to inspect it. Garrison goes over checking your knife visually and by touch.

It’s a good, basic article on knife sharpening. If you haven’t sharpened a knife before, take a few minutes and head on over to the Bear Flag Trading Company to read up on this basic skill. And like just about everything else in prepping, this is a useful skill even during normal times of stability.

Read Knife Sharpening Tools And Methods at Bear Flag Trading Company.

I’ve included below the video shown on BFTC’s knife sharpening page.