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Girl In A Gas Mask

Girl In A Gas Mask

This is a photo of a young woman wearing a gas mask.

I’m experimenting with types of content published on Full Survival Mode. There’s no caption for this or backstory, so not much text is available.

But she is in the bathroom, so I wonder if the gas mask was a little joke on someone else in the house. I guess we’ll never know.

Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, And EDC: What’s The Difference?

One Reason For Survival Kits: Hurricane Katrina

What if this happened to your house? What if you had three days advance warning? Ten minutes? No warning at all? And would it make a difference to your survival if you were in that home when disaster struck? Or what if you were at work and couldn’t make it back home in time to grab your survival kits?

No matter what kind of emergency you face or when it happens, there’s a bag for that. Or a kit. Or a cache. Below, we’ll take a look at a few different kinds of survival kits and bags and see when they’re meant to be used and under what conditions.